About Chicory

Chicory is the valuable herb which for a long time has won popularity in national medicine.Chicory was also often prescribed by herbalists of recent centuries to cure a whole host of ailments; the herbalist of the middle ages often recommended herbal remedies made from the chicory roots as tonics, as laxatives, and as diuretics. Swollen and inflamed skin was usually treated using an herbal poultices made from bruised chicory leaves. The milky sap of the chicory plant was once looked upon by herbalist as a divine sign that the juice would be an excellent remedy for nursing mothers who could not feed their babies due to problems with lactation.Presently chicory as hasn't lost the urgency as a medical product. In roots it is revealed bitter extractive substance tsikorin, well soluble inulin in water, choline, fibers, fats, pectin, vitamins C, В1, Е, fat, essence, pitch, tannins, mineral salts and a considerable quantity of other useful microcells.